Submission Guidelines

The texts of Panorama are submitted by the authors after an invitation of the Editorial Board. The issues of Panorama are thematic, and the Editorial Board is responsible for: (a) defining the general theme of each issue; (b) appointing and inviting the researchers qualified to address the relevant topics; (c) evaluating the material submitted and suggesting amendments or corrections for the final version to be published; (d) translating the texts originally written in Portuguese into English, or vice-versa.

The authors are invited to write articles up to 7,000 characters (with spaces) in Portuguese or in English. Articles must have a title and authors should indicate three keywords for the text. References to other works should be used parsimoniously, and basic information (such as author, title and year of publication) must be integrated into the text.


The acronym BRICS was originally coined in 2001 by the English economist Jim O’Neill, of Goldman Sachs, in the study Building Better Global Economics, in which he points out the influences of emerging markets of Brazil, Russia, India and China on the future of overall global economy.

For direct quotes and/or indication of other works, complete references should be inserted in footnotes, according to NBR 6023/2002. Additional elements can be requested to the author during the editorial process.


The assembly of works known as 25 years of Rio Grande do Sul’s economy, published in 1976, dealt with the State industry as “[…] closely and inseparably linked to national economy […]” (FUNDAÇÃO DE ECONOMIA E ESTATÍSTICA, 1976, p. 19).1

1 FUNDAÇÃO DE ECONOMIA E ESTATÍSTICA. Análise da Indústria de Transformação no Rio Grande do Sul. Porto Alegre:  1976. (25 anos de economia gaúcha, v. 4). Disponível em: < >. Acesso em: 13 ago. 2015.

For data presented in tables or graphs, a note shall specify the source, as bibliographic reference, according to NBR 6023/2002.


The first version of the article after submission is analyzed by the Editorial Board, which may suggest changes. The final version of the article is reviewed by the Documentation Center (NDOC) and by the Proofreading and Publishing Center (NRE) of FEE, and then sent to the author to validate the changes. A revised version in the original language (Portuguese or English) is translated by the members of the Editorial Board (into English or Portuguese). The translated version goes through proofreading by the NRE and is subsequently forwarded to both the author and the translator for checking before publishing.


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