Volume 2, nº 2, 2016

Grand contested election for the presidency of the United States: how does it work and what examples can it offer to Brazil?

Since the U.S. independence in 1788, the president is chosen every four years. In November, Donald Trump was elected the 45th U.S. President. As a milestone in the modern history of the country, a political outsider has overcome all institutional barriers in the path to this grand prize. The U.S. has the longest-lasting democracy in

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Go East! Updating strategy and tactics in the U.S. foreign policy for Asia

In an article published in Foreign Policy magazine in the late 2011, it was asserted that the United States was shifting emphasis in its foreign policy. The text was signed by none other than the then U.S. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. In the subtitle, she stressed that “the future of politics will be decided

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The presidential elections in the U.S. and their multiple meanings

The American presidential elections, which took place in November 2016, represent the most awaited political event of the year by experts, media professionals and the general public. This is true not only because the contest between Hillary R. Clinton and Donald J. Trump spawned several controversies throughout the campaign, but also for the fact that

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