Volume 2, nº 1, 2016
Entrevista com Lucas Kerr de Oliveira

Oil as a strategic resource: from global to local

Oil has been the most exploited energy source in the world since the mid-20th century, by boosting the so-called “second industrial revolution” and thus becoming the driving force for the expansion of industries and of the production of machinery and vehicles, and for the technological innovations in the period. Currently, the resource remains central in

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The multifaceted nature of oil dynamics

After a ten-year upward cycle, oil prices fell sharply since July 2014, in a move that turned the previous cycle upside down. Even though the commodity’s value has recovered a small portion of these losses in the past months, the speed of the fall is still noteworthy, mostly because it was not anticipated by leading

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Oil property regimes: some brief Latin American case studies

At the heart of the discussion on the natural resource property regimes, a question seems recurrent: is the public or private control over natural resource an ideological choice? Perhaps the answer is yes, but not as a mere economic decision on the most desirable way of organizing social production, but as a logical result of

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