Volume 1, nº 3, 2016
A imigração estrangeira no Rio Grande do Sul
Entrevista com Deisy Ventura, Professora de Direito Internacional (USP)

Main processes in contemporary international migration

Migration has always been part of human societies. Mobility and adaptation to distinct environments are trademarks of our evolutionary history. According to UN’s International Organization for Migration estimates[1], there are around a billion migrants around the world, 230 million of them living outside their birth countries (international migrants). Over 10% of the population in developed

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The prevailing discourse on the Syrian Civil War as an aggravating factor in the refugee issue

The humanitarian crisis in Syria is one of the most prominent issues of the international agenda, given the huge amount of people forced to abandon their homes due to the civil war that has been raging the country since 2011. Generically speaking, it is stated that the humanitarian crisis has been triggered by the crackdown

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Global migrations: a constant challenge for the international community

Panorama Internacional FEE brings to the debate, in its third edition, the issue of international migration. The phenomenon of human migration has been recurrent in the evolutionary process of societies. Its dimensions, its causes and its effects lie in the fields of politics, economics, religion, the history of climate change, etc. The complexity of the

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