Volume 1, nº 2, 2015

Digital integration: the technological dimension of Mercosur

The Southern Common Market (Mercosur) is about to celebrate its 25th anniversary next year. In addition to a Common External Tariff (CET), a common market requires the free movement of not only goods and services, but also of factors of production (capital and labor force). This regional integration stage would make the boundaries between its

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Mercosur and its multiple dimensions

The second issue of Panorama Internacional FEE deals with an important and complex topic, which allows multiple and interrelated possible angles of analysis, such as economic, political and cultural. The Latin-American integration has been debated for a long time in the region. In the economic field, conjectures about the potential effects of productive integration have

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Mercosur: far beyond the economic integration

In 2016, the Southern Common Market (Mercosur) celebrates its 25th anniversary amid uncertainty and criticism in Brazil and speculations about its extinction. Among the main alleged reasons for such a pessimistic view is, firstly, the bloc’s ineffectiveness in promoting closer economic ties between the countries; secondly, the persisting losses to Brazil; and, finally, the structural

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