Volume 1, n. 1

RS economic analysis at FEE: the central role of external nexus

Since its beginning, the Economics and Statistics Foundation (FEE) has conceived the analysis of social and economic conditions of the State of Rio Grande do Sul as its main task. The several papers organized as The 25 years of political economy of Rio Grande do Sul, published in 1976, deal with the local industrial structure

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The developing countries on Rio Grande do Sul’s trade radar: the case of agricultural machinery

It is common to analyze the insertion of the State of Rio Grande do Sul in the global economy by taking into account topics such as its exporting partners — Argentina, China and the United States, not necessarily in this order — and the traded goods — soybeans and its products, meat (beef, pork and chicken),

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The role of exports in the determination of income in the State of Rio Grande do Sul

Economists usually take the propensity to import as a universal parameter, regardless of the category of the final demand. However, this simplifying hypothesis does not hold empirically. In the case of Rio Grande do Sul’s economy, as well as the Brazilian one, the fixed capital investment propensity to import is greater than the export propensity

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